All Mscape Software products are discontinued.

After a few years of neglect (Iconographer was last updated in mid-2003), it's time to come clean and admit that Mscape Software is no more. I've moved on to webbier things. For the sake of posterity, and in case any of this is still useful to anyone, I'm including download links for all products.


Iconographer is a Mac OS, Mac OS X and Windows icon editor. It was formerly $15 shareware. If you would like to use it and turn off the registration reminder, you can "register" it with the name "Iconographer is now free" and the registration code "HG066414" (if I can manage to build it again, I will look into removing the registration code entirely).

Konfabulator Widgets

For a brief period in 2003 I made Konfabulator (now Yahoo! Widgets) widgets, around Konfabulator 1.0 release when it was a Mac OS X-only product. I haven't tested any of these widgets since then, so I'm not convinced that they will still work with current versions of Yahoo! Widgets.

Mac OS 9.x Software

Old software from 1998-1999.

February 18, 2008